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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Featured Ride for the Month of June: Chris's 2006 BMW M3

It’s a beautiful Alpine White/Black w/ Comp. Package and has no sunroof or power seats (ideal lightweight!!). The car has only 8800 miles on it and is like new in everyway with not a mark on it!! Got really lucky with this one!! Now onto the HPF Stage 2 Kit. Power: 1. Pump Mode: Feels great, has enough power to put you back in your seat and is great for daily driving around! 2. Pump + Meth Mode: A huge difference from just pump! Pulls VERY hard and will pin you to the seat! 3. Race Mode: Hits even harder than pump+meth and starts to push you through the seat! 4. Race+Meth: Ok, your officially driving from the backseat because the power has put you through the seat! The powerband is very smooth in all modes and lag is very minimal in all modes! In 2-4 the car has pretty much no traction in 1st and will loose it a bit in 2nd too, but when it catches or you shift 3rd, WATCH OUT!! It goes into warp speed! Drivability: 1 word: PERFECT! This car drives better than stock off boost. Someone riding in the car for the first time would never think twice that there was anything done to the car (so long as you stay off boost and don’t blow off). There is no jerkiness whatsoever, no stalling, no idle fluctuation, NOTHING! Just drives perfect and when you lay into it you are brought to triple digit speeds very quickly! For those of you worried the power is useless and you can’t drive it everyday, that’s just not the case. Sure 1st and 2nd will spin, but that’s true of any high HP car and even when it does spin it’s very predictable and controllable! Kit Quality: Extremely clean, professional and OEM looking! The BMW techs could not believe how nice the kit was! They have seen a lot of aftermarket cars come through and said they had never seen anything that impressed them like this! Exact words out of the master tech who works on my cars exclusively “Those HPF guys got skills man.” Sound: The car is running the kit with a stock section2 and SuperSprint Race exhaust. The SuperSprint is very surprisingly QUIET! I have heard this exhaust on non-turbo M3s and its pretty damn loud, but not with the turbo. I like it though, nice deep rumble at idle and deep throaty sound from idle to about 3K rpms. After 3K all you hear is the turbo and BOV (which is fantastic). So it’s nice and deep in the lower rpms and sounds like a jet taking off above 3K! Clutch: Very good feel. It is for sure a bit stiffer than stock, but nothing to cry over (and I just had ACL Knee Surgery 2 months ago!!). It does chatter every once in awhile depending how you let it out (yes even with a 6speed), but again nothing to complain about. It grabs great and is easy to feel the release point (no surprises!)

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